Choirul Fajri, Siti Mawadati


The construction of new airport in Temon Kulon Progo get resistance from community. The community created a group called “Wahana Tri Tunggal” to do a massive rejection. The new airport is necessary to increase the number of tourists to Yogyakarta in every year. The development process is targeted to be completed in 2019. This research wants to perceive crisis management of government to resolve this issue. This research is qualitative research with case study method. To collect data, we did observations in Temon Kulon Progo and interviews with the Kulon Progo’s Government, PT Angkasa Pura 1, Bapeda DIY, and residents. The result points to the success of the strategic crisis management by the government. Currently, the majority of them has accepted government decision to relocate their settlement. This research gives insight into management strategies of the crisis by the government regarding land acquisition to build the new airport in Kulon Progo.


management; new airport; Kulon Progo.


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